This selection of paintings, (1999-2005) have a playful, naive quality due to them being developed primarily from memory. Less technically accomplished than later paintings, the work focuses on developing colourful and expressive mark making. Many of the paintings are on wood, a surface better suited to flexible approach as the picture undergoes many changes while the memory is reconstructed. Inspiration for the paintings comes from time spent in India, Nepal, Laos, Tanzania and the USA.

Pashupatinath, 2005. Nepal. Oil on canvas 105x88cm  · SOLD








Kagbeni, 2006. Kagbeni, Nepal. Oil on canvas, 38x58cm  







Gaundruk, 2006. Gokyo region, Nepal. Oil on wood, 44x83cm  · SOLD







Gokyo Resort, 2006. Gokyo region, Nepal. Oil on wood, 54x83cm
















Contact, 2005. Gokyo region, Nepal. Oil on wood, 30x50cm · SOLD






 Ice Falls, 2002. Lantang region, Nepal. Oil on wood, 36x70  · SOLD







Blue lagoon, 2005. Vang Vieng, Laos. Oil on wood, 60x94cm  · SOLD






Vang Vieng, 2005. Laos. Oil on wood, 37x85cm  · SOLD






















Oldonyo Sambu 1999, 2005. Arusha Region, T.Z. Oil on canvas, 66x94cm  · SOLD







Maasai Circle, 2002 Arusha region T.Z. Oil on wood 36x80cm  · SOLD




Thief! 2002. Moshi, T.Z. Oil on perspex, 99x30cm · SOLD






Saturday Night, 2002, Kilamanjaro region, T.Z. Oil on wood, 93x58cm  · SOLD







Powwow, 2002. Camp Greylock, MA, USA. Oil on canvas 68x110cm · SOLD





































Beach Life, 2002. Camp Chippewa, Wisconcin, USA. Oil on canvas 40x61cm  · SOLD














Relay Race, 2002. Camp Chippewa, Wisconsin, USA. Oil on wood, 60x98cm






Blankets, 1999. Kilamanjaro region. TZ. Oil on wood, 48x82cm · STOLEN FROM THE ARTIST, JUNE 2000