In 1998, six months spent teaching in Tanzania at a Catholic Seminary on the foothills of Mt. Meru was to be the single most influential force in developing Jon's style of figure and landscape painting. During this time he spent long periods exploring the surrounding hills, drawing, taking photos and visiting Maasai settlements. In 2006 Jon returned to the country to find it had lost none of the magic which had captivated his imagination seven years earlier.


Guarding the cattle, 2007. Arusha Region, Tanzania. Oil on canvas 120.5x160.5cm








Campfire, 2007. Longido, Tanzania. Oil on canvas 121x151cm




Late afternoon, Oldonyo Sambu. 2007. Arusha Region T.Z. Oil on wood. Oil on canvas. 185x115cm  · SOLD     






Maasai Meeting, 2007. Oldonyo Sambu, Arusha Region, T.Z. Oil on canvas 122x85cm   · SOLD


Walking home, 2007. Oldonyo Sambu, Tanzania. Oil on canvas 61.5x79cm  · SOLD





Junior elders, 2007. Arusha Region, Tanzania. Oil on canvas 80.5x129cm  · SOLD



Maasai Snack, 2007. Arusha Region, Tanzania. Oil on canvas 53.5x72.5cm  · SOLD



The lookout, 2007. Arusha Region, Tanzania. Oil on canvas 100x141cm  · SOLD






School beneath Kilimanjaro, 2007. Kilimanjaro Region, Tanzania. Oil on wood 60.5x89cm





Sunset and Acacias, 2007. Arusha Region, T.Z. Oil on canvas, 100x145cm






Spear Fishing, 2007. The Dinka tribe, Sudan. Oil on canvas 94x112cm  · SOLD