b. 1976 London, U.K.

B.A. University of Brighton 2000

M.A. Royal College of Art 2002

Jon has exhibited in a number of London galleries and his work can be found internationally in many private and corporate collections. His first major solo show was at The Russell Gallery in 2007. His second major solo show, 'Varanasi Seen from Within' was held in Mayfair at The Nehru Centre in 2012.

Jon currently teaches Art at Marlborough College and is preparing his next series of paintings.






"Travel is an integral source of inspiration for my work. I first visited East Africa to work as an English teacher in 1998 and spent my free time exploring, taking photos and drawing. The many hours spent developing my drawing skills underpins the way I paint today.

Being trained as an illustrator before studying at the RCA may explain the need to communicate through my paintings. Many of my pictures are narrative and share an experience with the viewer.

In the last few years there has been a subtle change in my working practice. Return trips to Nepal, Tanzania and India have strengthened my drawing skills, which have enabled me to portray a closer engagement with the characters and their environment.

Working less from memory, my work has lost some of its naivety and this invariably means more detail and compositional complications. The challenge is to overcome these difficulties while maintaining a fluent and simplified approach."  

                                                                                            - Jon Duplock, 2016